About Us


Our Company

Vision: Evolving Power, Empowering You.

Mission: We are a company of humans who believe in human potential. Empowering this in ourselves and our employees enables us to deliver creatively dependable and progressive products with an unparalleled level of support. While maintaining strong financial stability and expanding our global reach, we are building a better future, together.

Core Values:

  • Collaborative growth and innovation
  • Embrace personal creative expression in the workplace 
  • Own your quirkiness
  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Honest communication
  • Cooperative personal growth and development 
  • Make it awesome!

Connexa keeps the power on.

Connexa Energy is a manufacturer and distributor of remote and industrial energy products. We're located outside of San Antonio, TX in the Texas Hill Country and we deliver power products and accessories for OEM's, Integrators, and Resellers across the country and around the world. We specialize in remote solar, UPS power backup, and industrial control panel applications with internal design/engineering, internal assemblies, and our own line of industrial power products.

Not only do we have all the big and small parts for any power project, we've also got the best team of people working here at Connexa. Feel free to email our sales staff to ask a question, any time. Or if you're every in the area, stop by for a tour and a Texas howdy.



Environmental Concern

Here at Connexa, we take the environment's well-being seriously. We are constantly looking for ways to be green - in our offices, in our warehouse, and in the products and components we offer. In building our new office and warehouse space, we made green decisions whenever possible, like choosing eco-friendly flooring and using recycled materials. We also spearheaded a company-wide recycling program and have decreased our throwaway trash by a significant percentage.


We're serious about safety. With a dedicated safety manager, high-standard safety checks, and state-of-the-art incident tracking, we make it our goal to keep our workspace safe in every sense of the word. 

  • Third-Party Auditing
  • Full Time Safety Manager
  • CAPA Tracking
  • Routine Safety Checks

Social Responsibility

One of our driving forces here at Connexa is the belief that people matter. That's why we're the largest sponsor of The Forward Effect, a 501(c)3 non-profit. Through The Forward Effect, we partner with a variety of other non-profits to meet specific needs.  Know that with every purchase you make from Connexa, you're also participating in our humanitarian efforts.