Charge Controllers

Connexa offers the top of the line in the world's leading charge controllers. Our charge controllers are eco-friendly, energy efficient, and perfect for all off-grid applications.



Connexa is proud to offer the full line of Morningstar's charge controllers. Morningstar is a world-leading supplier of solar charge controllers & inverters, with over 3 million units installed in over 112 countries. Their charge controllers offer protection against extreme environments, corrosion, lightning surges and harsh ambient operating temperatures (common to remote PV systems)—all while delivering more than twice the industry’s average operating life.


ASC Specialty concepts

We carry ASC Specialty Concepts charge controllers, as well. For over 35 years, Specialty Concepts has been producing high-quality, reliable units. Today, there are almost 3,000,000 pieces of Specialty Concepts' equipment throughout the world. These charge controllers have been approved for use in hazardous conditions and are UL recognized.

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We use Phocos brand charge controllers on a regular basis, especially in our solar lighting systems. Phocos supplies specialized products and solutions for rural electrification, outdoor lighting, SCADA, RVs, boats, telecommunication, transportation and many other applications alike.


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