Connexa’s hardware team has a vast knowledge of electrical circuits and power systems. Not only can Connexa support your project needs at the board level, but it can help you design strong, reliable power systems and structures for easy global deployment.

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Embedded software

Connexa’s in-house team works with customers and popular hardware manufacturers to develop and maintain high reliability embedded software packages for its remote devices.



From the edge, to the cloud, to your phone or desktop; Connexa has worked hard to make sure your data is secured wherever and however you need to access it.

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data management

Navigating the new cloud architecture can be overwhelming and costly. Connexa has built a set of tools to help you bridge the gap between industrialized automation and cloud computing, the perfect partner for transitioning to Industry 4.0

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Cloud front-end

Project management is no easy task. Connexa’s front end makes it easy to distribute your teams resources and troubleshoot alerts from the edge, so you can put your focus on using data to add value and take action as soon as it's needed.


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