Solar power for telecom

reliable Power in the field .

Connexa Energy is a manufacturer and integrator of stand-alone power solutions for the telecommunications industry with systems powering telephone towers, transmission stations, satellite towers, and relay sites. Our experienced team of salespeople and engineers will help you create exactly the type of telecom power system you need to monitor and control your remote projects.

If uninterruptible onsite power is your goal, our experts can help you meet it. From conceptual design to custom integration, Connexa has what it takes to make your telecommunication project happen.

Our team of engineers and experts have worked with OEMs and integrators for over 10 years to expand communications systems in remote areas or areas that have unreliable electrical grids. 

Our power systems integrate seamlessly with the best in the telecommunication industry and have proven themselves time and time again in the field. Our systems work with wireless communication, radios, satellite systems, and more.

  • Freewave

  • GE MDS

  • Cisco

  • Cambium

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