Street & Roadway Lighting

Looking for the latest in LED lighting and high-efficiency solar power? Look no further. Connexa's line of street lighting systems provide reliable light anywhere, improving safety for both pedestrians and vehicles. Implementing our solar street light solutions means eliminating the need for costly trenching, labor, and electrical connections while emphasizing a commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability. Our complete solar power systems include maintenance-free batteries, vandal resistant hardware, enclosures rated for tough environmental conditions, custom powder coated poles, and sleek mounting options. The outdoor solar lights themselves are Dark Sky Approved by the International Dark Sky Association and offer lasting, reliable, uniform light. Now that's what we call shining a light on innovation.


More About Our Systems

Our Lotus Series of solar LED roadway lighting systems power incredibly bright luminaires that are as reliable as the sun. Specification-grade optics deliver efficient, clean, uniform light distributions. Roadway lighting projects are designed by our technical team specifically for each project, ensuring that all specifications and unique needs are met. All of the optics in the luminaires in our roadway lighting systems meet IES Lateral Distribution Type II, III, or IV.